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Bianca lives with the goal of helping people improve themselves, their lives, and the world around them. Her philosophy is simple yet powerful; "Living for impact: motivating, learning, improving, evolving."

She is an enthusiastic speaker, life coach, and two-time author who is dedicated to serving others. She works to help others discover their gifts and how to best utilize them by creating and providing professional development workshops, youth empowerment sessions, and various seminars. 

In addition to her work helping people improve their personal and professional lives, Bianca is invested in helping people build their spiritual lives. She is a licensed evangelist, who unashamedly proclaims the Gospel; the founder, and leader of LEGO Faith an in-depth online Bible study. She is also the founder of Ahead Women's Ministry which is focused on healing, freeing, enhancing, and pushing women of all ages, colors, and experiences forward in Christ.

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